Monday, 30 June 2014

Medicinal Fruit (Herb) from West Papua: Pandanus Conoideus Lam

Papua Island has many kinds of herbal medicine plants. One of the herbal medicine plant is pandanus conoideus (red fruit).
In highland areas mainly there are five kinds of pandanus sp. called “Sak/Saik”.  Sak/Saik Wou, Yuala, Olomuk, Munani,  Heiwa, and so fort. The local people boil it and the oil take it as an alternative medicine for their eyes, heart diseases, breast cancer, lungs problem, hernia and many more. This plant can only be found in Papua and the world starts to  get interest in its medicinal benefit, but not many people in the world knows this plant. Testimony of pandanus conoideus appeared so many that its strengthen the conviction about the success on treatment then its popularity increase amazingly developed in the trade of Indonesia.

For example to prove our herbal medicines, Here in Papua, especially the Papuan people less are not have  problem with their eyes, Cancer, Hernia, AIDS, HIV, Malaria disease and many more.

Here we produce, what you really need for survive and re-duce your illness for your future infestation!

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